4B International
4B 11 Led T8 Tube Series
Product features:
  1. good appearance, concise and easy.
  2. USES the aluminum radiator structure, good heat dissipation performance.
  3. high light transmittance mist PC diffusion plate, the light is downy, no glare.
  4. green environmental protection, highlighting the LED light source, high luminous efficiency, light failure is small, refers to the high, high color purity.Do not produce infrared and ultraviolet ray, protect is according to the content.
  5. the built-in constant-current drive, current stability is good, no stroboscopic, low power consumption, high power factor.
  6. the service life of more than 30000 hours.
  7. can be directly replace traditional T8 tubes, power saving 60%, life is 5 times as much.
  8. conform to UL, FCC, DLC certification.
Application places:

Widely used in factories, schools, reading room, library, household, hutch defends, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, underground parking garage and other places of lighting

4B International
Light distribution curve and real application:
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