4B International
4B 10 Led Ceiling Light Series
Product features:
  1. Made of high quality aluminum , good heat dissipation , lifetime is over 30000hours.
  2. Optical PMMA lens,accurate light distribution,light beam can be adjusted in irrodiation and range.in order to meet all the needs of lighting.
  3. Using the green environmental protection type high brightness LED light source ,high luminous efficiency ,high color rendering index ,high color purity,no infrered and ultraviolet .
  4. 80%lower electricity consumption than traditional halogen tungsten lamp,10 times lifetime as long as the traditional halogen tungsten lamp.
Application places:

Widely used in car shows, jewelry,professional window,counter,museum,home furnishing, office buildings and other general lighting places.

4B International
Light distribution curve and real application:
4B International 4B International 4B International