4B International
4B 407 (90w-120w) Led Street Light Series
Product features:
  1. Energy saving:driven by wind energy and solar power,chich is inexhaustible.
  2. Intelligent control:intelligent controller can automatically realize time control and light control. safe and economic.
  3. Environment friendly:no pollution,noise and radiation.
  4. Safe:no accident caused by electric shock and fire.
  5. Convenient:easy assembly, free of stringing and underground wiring, regular work is not subject to limit of electric power.
  6. Upscale:green technology products, enhancing level of the user,also embodying good sense of emphasizing technology and protecting environment.
  7. Less investment:one-off investment for long term usage.(AC investment is cost amount of electric transforming & intromiting, cotrol box,cable, project etc.)
Main application:

Widely used in roads, branch, residential roads, rural roads, road lighting.

4B International
Light distribution curve and real application:
4B International 4B International