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4B BF 403 Led Canopy Led Anti-Explosion Platform
Product features:
  1. High thermal conductivity die-casting aluminum alloy radiation lamp body with good heat dissipation performance.
  2. High quality LED source with high luminous efficiency and uniformity.No UV radiator,X radiator & heat radiation.
  3. Constant-current driver.Instant start,no flash, no noise and glare.
  4. Environment friendly:Solid state lighting.No mercury & harmful gas.Non fragile,long life span and less e-waste.
  5. Professional design for the ultra strong explosion-proof structure at the Level of ExDI.Applicable in flammable and combustible places.
Applying places:

  • Explosive gas environment:District 1,district 2;
  • Combustible gas levels: II A, II B, C;
  • Temperature group: T1~T6;
  • Indoor and outdoor (IP65);
  • Widely applies in the roadway,fully mechanized mining face,chamber,substation,pump room,shaft bottom parking places,etc.

4B International
Light distribution curve and real application:
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