4B International
4B 413 (18w) Led Wall Light Series
Product features:
  1. Nice and brief appearance.
  2. 1W single color LED chip with high brighness,low power consumption.No radiation and no harm to to eyes & skin.
  3. Unique design for heat dissipation. Excellent heat conduction performance to protect the product from the effect of high temperature.
  4. No mercury, lead and other heavy metals.
  5. Unique design for anti-flash structure to meet the needs of park and garden landscaping.
  6. Use low voltage DC24V power supply.Safe & reliable.
  7. Humanistic structure design,more convenient for light installation and maintenance.
Main application:

Widely applies in classical & modern building,bridge,temple,church,culture center,etc.

4B International
Light distribution curve and real application:
4B International
4B International